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Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho) is a detective with remarkable supernatural powers, including the ability to delve into other peoples’ memories. Impetuous and erratic, he is prone to mood swings – but his phenomenal abilities make him an invaluable asset in the fight against crime. Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young) is a cool, calm, and collected maverick criminal profiler. Although still in the very early days of her career, she has shown enormous promise, and has been appointed as the youngest senior superintendent in the history of the police force. Together, the duo must track down and stop a brutal, evil genius serial killer who has been carrying out a spate of gruesome murders in the city. Can this unconventional crime-busting pair put an end to the wicked mastermind’s exploits? And can they combine their – albeit very different – powers in an effort to stop the killings? This drama is based on a popular web-based comic strip of the same name, which ran from 2016 to 2018. “Memorist” is a 2020 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Hwi.