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7.7 Billion In Love



There are over seven billion people in the world and each one of them has a unique perspective on love. From the way they perceive others, to the value they put on relationships, to the ways they express love, each person on Earth has a specific perception of love. But what is that perception? What shapes a person’s ideas and feelings about love?  The only way to answer these questions is to ask, which is exactly what Shin Dong Yup, Yoo In Na, and Kim Heechul set out to do. Inviting seven men and seven women from countries all over the world, these three hosts sit down with their guests to discuss real-life concerns related to love, dating, and long-term relationships, in an attempt to discover how love is perceived and acted upon in different corners of the world.  An eye-opening and thought provoking series, “7.7 Billion in Love” is a 2020 variety talk show directed by Gyo Jin Hwang.