High-End Crush

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Choi Se Hoon (Jung Il Woo) is the head of G.Choi, a chart-topping K-pop entertainment agency with a top-billing roster of star acts. Many think he is blessed with the Midas touch, and he too believes he can make a star out of just about anyone he chooses to. He is rich and successful – but also aloof, arrogant, and conceited. One day, he meets a very unusual individual, Lee Yi Ryung (Jin Se Yeon), an innocent and naïve young woman from a humble and conservative countryside family. In almost every way, she is his polar opposite: shy, not brash, and humble, not self-important. He decides to recruit her to become G.Choi’s latest star, but is shocked to discover that she expresses no interest in becoming a K-pop singer. Things get even more complicated when he starts to fall for her – and discovers that winning this young woman’s heart is much harder than manufacturing K-pop success! Can Choi Se Hoo change his ways – and win her heart? “High-End Crush” is a 2015 South Korean-Chinese drama series directed by Ji Young Soo.