Thumping Spike 2



Han Da Woon (Kim So Eun) is a nerdy university student who has never had any experience in love, but is a top 10, straight-A student. All of her crushes have been unrequited, and she is tired of being alone. At college, she meets a former volleyball player, the super-popular Dong Hye Sung (Lee Won Geun). After a promising start, Dong Hye Sung’s sporting career has hit an insurmountable hurdle: He has experienced a slump in form that goes on for so long, that he eventually decides to put his volleyball dreams on ice so he can study business. Sadly for him, as a sporting star, he has never really had to study before – and quickly realizes that he has no idea how to go about it. The two students soon realize that they may be able to help one another out: Han Da Woon agrees to become Dong Hye Sung’s study coach – if he agrees to become her love coach. But as they learn together, a mysterious bond begins to form. Could love bloom for this unlikely couple? “Thumping Spike 2” is a 2016 South Korea drama series directed by Kim Jin Young.