Lucky with You

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Wu Shiyi (Wang Li Kun), a former Taekwondo practitioner, is decidedly down on her luck. She works for the elite Eagle Security firm, but is constantly being overlooked for the best jobs in favor of her peers. Her boss tells her that if she doesn’t improve, she could be fired. One day, she is assigned what at first glance appears to be a simple courier job. But when the President of Zhi Rong, the company she must pick up the document from, is suddenly taken hostage by a disgruntled, knife-wielding former acquaintance, she puts her training to good use – and takes the assailant down. But this incident has caused a delay in her schedule – which her boss reprimands her for, suspending her for a month. Out of money, she asks her long-term boyfriend to take her out for dinner. But when he refuses, she senses something is wrong – and eventually finds out he is cheating with another woman. She finds him in a hotel room. He escapes, and Wu Shiyi pursues him by jumping out of a window, landing on the car of Marquis (Johnny Huang), the heir of the Zhi Rong business empire. He demands that she compensate him for the damage to his car. Marquis has no head for business and is forever getting into trouble. His father is determined that Marquis succeed him and that his son stays out of trouble, so hires Wu Yi to work as Marquis’ bodyguard for three months. Marquis, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, is not happy with the arrangement. But as he gets to know Wu Yi, he starts to fall for her unique charms! “Lucky with You” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Liu Xue Song.