Thank You Doctor



Having recently returned from abroad, Xiao Yan (Yang Mi) is eager to step into her position as Tongshan Hospital’s newest EICU doctor. A meticulous surgeon, with an impeccable record, Xiao Yan is incredible at what she does. But having recently lost her fiance, she has come to build some rather impenetrable walls around herself. Perceived by many of her new co-workers as cold and gruff, Xiao Yan tries her best to settle into her new job; but her tough exterior is proving to make things difficult. Even more difficult is trying to find a way to work around the inflated arrogance of Bai Shu (Bai Yu). A fellow physician working in the EICUPolar opposites, a pair of doctors find themselves drawing unexpectedly closer as they work side-by-side to save the lives of their EICU patients., Bai Shu couldn’t be more full of himself; at least up until the day he decides to adopt a terminally ill patient. Now more focused on finding a cure than himself, Bai Shu’s arrogance begins to fade, making life for Xiao Yan a bit easier. Working diligently to save the lives of their patients, the walls between Xiao Yan and Bai Shu slowly begin to crumble. As each comes to accept the other for who they are, will they come to find there’s a common thread binding them together? Based on the novel “ICU 48 Hours” by Seng Li, “Thank You Doctor” is a 2022 Chinese medical romance drama directed by Zhang Rui.