Love Is All

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A most beloved young lady, Tang Ling Yin (Zhang Ruo Nan) is known for two things: her family’s wealthy and her quirky personality. Always well liked wherever she goes, Ling Yin has never met a truly disagreeable person or heard a cross word in her life. But when she meets Tang Tian Yuan (Zhang Hao Wei), all of that changes. The county magistrate, Tang Tian Yuan is well regarded as a man of honor and integrity among the men around him, but it’s the women who really have the most to say about him. With an impressive family background, impeccable manners, and a handsome physique, he has caught more than one woman’s eye. Too busy with work to bother with marriage, Tian Yuan is always focused on the task at hand and right now, he has a puzzling case to solve and it involves Tang Ling Yin. Despite their rocky beginnings, Ling Yin and Tian Yuan soon agree to put aside their differences, as the task of solving their current mystery proves too much for either to accomplish alone. Hand-in-hand, the two set out to solve the case but as the mysteries begin to unravel the two stumble upon something neither of them ever expected to find: love. Can love triumph over injustice or will this perplexing case be this new couple’s undoing? Adapted from Jiu Xiao Qi’s novel, “Laughing Order”, “Love Is All” is a 2020 historical romantic comedy drama directed by Mai Tian.