Love A Lifetime

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Rong Hua (Zhang Hui Wen) is the virtuous daughter of a powerful clan chief. At her father’s behest, she decides to seek out a powerful pearl that she is told has the power to heal and bring peace to the realm. The way is perilous and full of dangers, however, and she is saved from seemingly certain doom by Nalan Yue (Allen Ren), a young apprentice warrior from a rival clan. The duo forms a close friendship – as well as a romantic bond – and decides to work together, despite the fact that their families’ feud continues to fester. Unfortunately, the road to peace is anything but smooth. Rong Hua’s vengeful father will stop at nothing to exact revenge on Nalan Yue’s family. Things get even more complicated for the young lovers when the corrupt Ming sect invests Nalan Yue with demonic dark magic skills. Can Rong Hua and Nalan Yue overcome the forces of evil – and restore peace to the world? “Love A Lifetime” is a 2020 Chinese drama series directed by Ren Hai Yao.