Viki Original

Most Ordinary Family



Camera crews go into the homes of celebrities such as Seo Yuri and Choi Jung Yoon, showing the behind-the-scenes family lives of famous South Korean stars. Psychiatrist Oh Eun Young is on hand to give tips as celebrities struggle to deal with the many trials and tribulations of being a young parent – and mothers and fathers who juggle childcare with their own busy careers. Other households agonize over the difficult challenges involved with keeping a healthy married relationship. She also helps give pointers about raising teenagers – with Oh Eun Young offering expert advice about how parents can deal with their offspring’s mood swings. And the psychiatrist also offers key tips about how to deal with children who are fussy eaters – helping parents convince their wards to eat their greens and finish what is on their plates! Celebrity hosts Haha, Jang Sung Kyu, and Han Go Eun also provide commentary – and keep the laughs coming! “Most Ordinary Family” is a South Korean Viki Original variety TV show that was released in 2020.