Irish Uppercut

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Things are not going very smoothly for Do Hae Na (Bora, formerly of SISTAR), a soul-gathering grim reaper who has proved relatively inept at her main job. She lives in purgatory, where she also runs a pub-restaurant named Irish Uppercut. However, although she is good-hearted, her business acumen is also quite poor, and the restaurant’s days appeared to be numbered. Fate intervenes when haughty sous chef Woo Shi Hyung (Kim Ji Suk) accidentally kills himself – and ends up in purgatory. Seizing on this unique opportunity, Do Hae Na convinces Woo Shi Hyung to take on a role in the kitchens at Irish Uppercut. She also encourages him to take part in a cooking contest for the dead – a competition whose first prize could involve a return to the land of the living for Woo Shi Hyung! “Irish Uppercut” is a 2017 South Korean drama series that was directed by Song Ji Won.