Mr. Fox and Miss Rose

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A modern-day explorer and adventurer, Gao Zhen He (Ren You Lun) makes his living by traveling the globe in search of the world’s rarest and most precious gems. An expert in high-end gemstones, Zhen He is a shrewd businessman who will stop at nothing to obtain the gems which will fetch the highest price. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Zhen He has faced dangers and perils too numerous to count, and has always managed to walk away unscathed. But his luck can only last for so long. When an accident on one of his expeditions sends him tumbling over the edge of a cliff, Zhen He finds himself in a rather dire situation. Lost, alone, and injured, Zhen He is in desperate need of rescue, but with no connection to the outside world, his chances of survival are slim. Lucky for him, he has landed not far from the location of a primitive tribe, whose leader, a strong woman by the name of Xing Yue (Zhang Ya Qin), finds him and agrees to nurse him back to health. There’s just one catch: he has to agree to marry her.  Realizing the tribe possesses one of the rarest gems in the world, Zhen He agrees to Xing Yue’s proposal, using their marriage as a means of obtaining the gems. With the prize gems in his possession, Zhen He takes off, his return to the big city promising to be a lucrative one. But Xing Yue isn’t letting him go that easily. Tracking him down, Xing Yue is determined to take back what is hers, but are the gems really what she’s after? A fun and fantastical romantic romp, “Mr. Fox and Miss Rose” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Zhu Dong Ning.