Peanut Butter Sandwich

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With the number of women who still believe in “happily ever after” rapidly dwindling, the government created a top secret agency dedicated to supporting those still in search of their perfect match. Using high-tech equipment on par with any other national intelligence agency, the Peanut Butter Sandwich, or PBS, is well equipped to handle any job, be it big or small. As the newest recruit to the PBS, Tsubaki (Honoka Yahagi) is tasked with monitoring four new targets and assisting them in finding their one true love; but the job won’t be easy. A successful manager at an IT company, Katagiri Sayo (Akane Hotta) is convinced that you can obtain everything you need in life through hard work and she lives her life as proof. Setting extraordinarily high standards for herself, she doesn’t see why a man can’t live up to her standards as well. So far, none have and Sayo is beginning to wonder if anyone ever will. Meanwhile, Morimoto Miharu (Miori Takimoto) is a nurse desperately holding onto the hope that her long-time boyfriend will finally propose; but after six years together, the odds aren’t looking so good. It may be time to let go but how? Equally desperate for love, Yamashita Miwa (Miwako Kakei) works at a local bank and suffers from such low self-esteem that she’s willing to give herself to anyone willing to pay her even the slightest bit of attention. She’s well aware that none of these men are interested in love, but she just can’t seem to find a way to say no. And then there’s the stunningly gorgeous Matsuoka Akane (Niwa Niki), an executive assistant who has no problem drawing a man’s attention but can’t seem to find one who isn’t exceedingly dull. With four completely different targets assigned to her, Tsubaki can think of only one way to help these women and close her first case. Infiltrating their ranks by joining their yoga class, Tsubaki becomes one of the group but the job before her is monumental. Can this rookie agent really help these love-starved souls find their perfect match? Based on the webcomic of the same name by Mitsouko, “Peanut Butter Sandwich” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Keijiro Tsubakimoto and Kazuyuki Yamagishi.