Su Yu

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Mu Jue Chen (Fiction Guo) is the young master of the Qian Mu Mountain Pavilion. Dashingly handsome, exceptionally clever, and also a skilled martial artist, he is beloved by his subjects. Unfortunately, he is also exceptionally arrogant, narcissistic, and self-obsessed. His long-suffering assistant is Qian Yu (Li Nuo), a young woman who was abandoned at the pavilion when she was just a baby. She has been Mu Jue Chen’s loyal foil for 10 years – but after a full year of putting up with his peculiarities, she has finally had enough. When she discovers the truth of her identity, she understands that she no longer needs to be Mu Jue Chen’s footstool – and resolves to leave him forever. But this is when Mu Jue Chen suddenly realizes that he just can’t live without Qian Yu…and that his feelings for her might be deeper than he once thought. Now he must try to convince her that they really do belong together – even if he will have to come down off his pedestal and show he can change! “Su Yu” is a 2020 Chinese romantic comedy that was produced by Hu Ke.