Growing up like brothers, Cheng Tian (Ron Ng), Wai Zeon Hin (Bosco Wong), and Heoi Sau Ping (Kenny Kwan) were inseparable. The best of friends, the three grew up sharing the same life-long dream, to join the Hong Kong Police Force, together. Never straying from that dream, the three dedicated their lives to making that dream a reality and celebrated the day it finally came to fruition.

After joining the HK Police Force, it didn’t take long for the unstoppable trio to find success. Specializing in anti-narcotics cases, the three were eager to take on the task of bringing down a large-scale drug ring; but things didn’t go quite as planned. Seduced by the power and riches surrounding him as he worked undercover, Zeon Hin joined with the drug lords and quickly climbed the ranks of Hong Kong’s seedy underbelly. Turning his back on his friends, Zeon Hin even went so far as to frame Sau Ping for a crime he didn’t commit; an act that not only sent his friend to jail but also destroyed Sau Ping’s entire family.

Determined to make things right, Cheng Tian goes head-to-head with one of his oldest friends in an all-out war between a new generation of drug lords and the cops determined to bring them down. Pushing the bonds of brotherhood to the breaking point, Cheng Tian but face the rising tide of greed and corruption that threatens to destroy everything he and his friends once held so dear. 

An intensely emotional crime thriller, “White War” is a 2020 action drama directed by Chen Guo Hua.

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Zhan Du
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Hong Kong Action Thriller & Suspense Crime & Mystery


Episode 26
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Episode 25
EN 0% Hong Kong
White War Episode 24
Episode 24
EN 34% Hong Kong
White War Episode 23
Episode 23
EN 11% Hong Kong
White War Episode 22
Episode 22
EN 97% Hong Kong
White War Episode 21
Episode 21
EN 97% Hong Kong


Bosco Wong
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Ron Ng
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Kenny Kwan
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Chrissie Chau
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