I Once Remembered That Guy

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High school classmates Zhang Yang (Daniel Zhou) and Zhou Jing Mang (Zhu Lin Yu) are true polar opposites. While Zhang Yang is brash, a practical joker, often selfish, and sometimes even confrontational, Zhou Jing Mang is naive and overly trusting. As they slowly get to know one another at school, Zhang Yang first begins to play tricks on Zhou Jing Mang in his usual manner, fooling her into making an embarrassing announcement over the school tannoy system. But little by little, they start to develop an attachment to one another – and start to develop a mutual sense of respect. But could this one day lead to love? Meanwhile, classmates Shen Li Hua Feng Wan He, Ling Chen (Lu Huan Yu), and more are also embarking on their own journeys of discovery. This drama was based on a novel of the same name by Jian Man. “I Once Remembered That Guy” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Jin Xiong Hao.