The Sound of Providence

The Lost Tomb: Reboot, Reunion: The Sound of Providence
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A decade has passed since the now-famous “iron triangle” tomb raiders Wu Xie (Zhu Yi Long), Wang Pang Zi (Chen Ming Hao), and Zhang Qi Ling (Huang Jun Jie) went on their last tomb-raiding mission at the heart of the South China Sea. Ten years later, the friends have gone their own ways and think they have turned their backs on tomb raiding forever. The hardened Wu Xie has been struggling to recover from a debilitating lung-related illness. But when he receives a mysterious text from his adventure-loving third uncle, he decides to call upon the help of the two other members of the iron triangle to investigate. What they discover is a whole new world full of danger, intrigue, supernatural forces, scheming villains, and fearsome beasts – all of which could pose an existential threat to the whole world. The gang isn’t getting any younger, but can they start up where they left off all those years ago to complete this – their most dangerous mission yet? This drama is the follow-up to 2018’s “The Lost Tomb 2” and the third installment in a series that began with “The Lost Tomb” in 2015. “The Sound of Providence” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Pan An Zi.