Cafe Kilimanjaro



As a high school student, San Ha (Viini) never really had any sort of ambitious dream or grand plan for his life. Nothing really piqued his interest and nothing seemed worth his time. But that all changed the day he and his friends decided to start a band. Suddenly inspired to make this new dream come true, San Ha and his friends, Ji Ho (Choi Si Hoon) and Chan (Baek Jin), were determined to make their band successful. However, they soon realized that starting a band was easy, while finding success was not. After graduating high school, life began to slowly lead the friends in different directions. Though their dreams of becoming a successful band still kept them going, they soon realized that life demanded a bit more of them than it had in high school. Now working as a part-timer, San Ha has no time to focus on anything but the present and he hasn’t heard from his friends in ages. On the brink of giving up all hope, his friends return and with them comes a renewed determination to make their dreams come true. Now ready to turn dreams into reality, the friends rent a practice space from an inexperienced coffee shop proprietor, who seems to have gotten in way over her head. With a whole new world of obstacles before them, this indomitable set of friends is determined to let nothing come between them and their dreams. A sweet story full of music and dreams, “Cafe Kilimanjaro” is a 2020 drama directed by Kim Kwang Eun.