Missing: The Other Side

Missing: They Were There
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Kim Wook (Go Soo) is a smooth-talking conman who earns money by cheating unsuspecting folks out of their money. But his life takes a turn when he tries to pull off his usual mischief in Duon Village. He soon comes to realize that things are going awry in this sleepy-looking rural hideaway – with the soul of dead people haunting the village. He meets Jang Pan Seok (Heo Joon Ho), a shady character who ostensibly searches for missing people. The two form an unlikely alliance – and decide to get to the heart of the mystery and the village’s dark secrets. The men are joined on their quest by Lee Jong Ah (Ahn So Hee), a minor public officer by day, but a social activist with dazzling computer skills by night. Also joining the adventure is Shin Joon Ho (Ha Jun), a policeman on a desperate mission to find his missing fiancée. Does this motley crew have what it takes to discover the village’s secrets? “Missing: The Other Side” is a 2020 South Korean drama series that was directed by Min Yeon Hong.