The Screen Foxes

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After splitting up with her boyfriend, down-on-her-luck painter Zheng Xue Jing (Liu Xin Qi) goes out drinking and accidentally joins a contest involving a precious silk screen. A magician intervenes, granting the painter a moment of clarity amid her drunken stupor to take a paintbrush and draw three male foxes on the screen. But the foxes come to life, bursting out of the screen and taking human form. The next day, Zheng Xue Jing emerges from sleep, believing it all to have been a dream. But instead, she finds that it was not a dream at all. All three foxes are still in human form – and believe Zheng Xue Jing to be their master, feeling indebted to her for freeing them from the screen. She becomes sucked into their magic-filled world and soon discovers they all have very different personalities. The red fox (Luo Yun Xi) is dashing and clever, but also arrogant and somewhat distant. The kind-hearted white fox (Huang Jun Jie) is a dab hand in the kitchen and loves to clean the house. And then there’s the fun-loving trickster: the black fox (Wang Chao Yang). The foxes vow to help Zheng Xue Jing on her quest to become the first female painter to be appointed to the imperial court. But what adventures will this feline trio – and their female “master” – become embroiled in along the way? “The Screen Foxes” is a 2016 Chinese fantasy drama series that was directed by Zhou Hai Jun.