General's Lady

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Shen Jin (Tang Min) is the daughter of powerful nobles who hold prestigious positions in the imperial court. She has lived a life of luxury and is used to all of the fineries of life at the palace. But her life changes forever when the Emperor arranges a marriage for her: She is to marry a highly successful general named Chu Xiu Ming (Caesar Wu), and live with him at his army’s military camp. Although she falls for the dashing soldier at first sight, getting used to life in the military will take no shortage of effort on her part. She struggles initially, but eventually uses her resourcefulness to adapt – and slowly wins the confidence of the generals’ forces. But back in the royal court, a shift in the balance of power finds both General Chu and Shen Jin’s family fall out of favor. Things go from bad to worse when the Emperor orders her to spy on her husband. Can true love help the duo reverse their fortunes – and resolve matters at the palace? “General’s Lady” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Wu Qi Ang.