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Qin Shen (Deng Chao Yuan) is a tall, handsome, young wannabe sculptor. He has decided to attend art school to polish his skills and throws himself into his craft. He strives for perfection and does not want anything – least of all romance – to get in his way. He has never had a girlfriend, and he prefers to stay away from all matters of the heart. His destiny, it would seem, is to live and die alone. But at art school, his path crosses with that of another perpetual loner – a budding painter named Yuan Qian (Song Yi Ren). She is also focused, driven, and intelligent. And Yuan Qian is not as averse to the idea of love as Qin Shen. However, she is so picky that she finds fault in just about everyone she meets – to the extent that it seems no man will ever meet her sky-high standards. Together with their classmates, this duo begins on a journey of self-discovery as they hone their skills and begin to round out their personalities. But as time goes by, could Yuan Qian and Qin Shen finally find love – with each other? “Professional Single” is a 2020 Chinese, university-themed drama series that was directed by Lin Yan.