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Camping Vibes



Going on an international camping trip doesn’t have to be expensive – if you’re prepared to use your imagination and a little creativity! Five female celebrities seek out hidden parts of South Korea that resemble famous tourist destinations in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, and more. And to get themselves in the mood, they dress up in the traditional garb of the “countries” they are visiting, cook up some “local” fare, and do whatever it takes to transport themselves to an overseas hotspot! Ahn Young Mi is the leader of the pack. Park Na Rae is in charge of cooking. “Parasite” star Park So Dam is behind the wheel as the designated driver. MAMAMOO member Solar is in charge of keeping the fun coming. And So Na Eun of Apink is in charge of decorating the campsites! Where will this lively quintet’s imaginations take them today? “Camping Vibes” is a 2020 South Korean variety TV series whose chief producer was Hwang Gyo Jin.