The famously blunt and deeply skeptical Aqiang (Morning Mo) may have a somewhat abrasive personality, but he also happens to be an ace detective with no peer in his precinct – thanks in no small part to his dedication, incredible powers of observation, and razor-sharp memory. But his commitment to his job has taken a terrible toll on his private life. His wife, unable to cope with such a workaholic husband, has left home. While this is unfolding, a puzzling case lands on his desk. A restaurant owner has vanished, leaving nothing behind but a camera bag on a beach. The owner’s charming wife Lin Mei Ru (Esther Huang) says the restaurateur was suffering from depression. But can she be trusted? Is this an open-shut suicide case…or could it be murder? “Kill for Love” (2020) is a Taiwanese miniseries that was directed by Cai Yi Fen and Wang Pan Yun.