76 Horror Bookstore

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Annie Chen, Zhang Shu Wei, Esther Huang, and more star in four spine-chilling horror tales that will have you jumping out of your skin! The movie comprises four separate stories based on the popular TV series “Canned Fears,” also known as “Tin of Fear.” In one story, a woman rents out a cheap, one-room apartment – only to discover ghoulish presences also inhabit the property. Will she get out of this ghastly abode alive? In a second tale, an unsuspecting individual wakes up in a bizarre parallel universe where food has been made illegal. When a simple snack could result in death, survival becomes a deadly game! Next, a group of teenagers plays hide and seek in an old, abandoned house. But it looks like they chose the spookiest place in town to play their game – as the creepy old building sucks them into its otherworldly realm, threatening their very lives! And finally, a taxi driver who committed suicide cannot find peace in the afterlife. His distraught family has been left with nowhere to turn. Wracked with guilt, he wants to return to the mortal realm to beg his daughter for her forgiveness. “76 Horror Bookstore” is a 2020 Taiwanese mini-film series that was directed by David Chuang and Hung Tze Peng.