One Fine Week 2

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It’s been a year since ordinary student and part-timer Jung Da Eun’s (Seo Ji Soo) world was flipped upside-down. Meeting an uncanny look-alike who just happened to be something of an idol sensation, it was almost as if the two had been brought together by fate. Tired of their lives, Da Eun and idol superstar, Kim Byul (Seo Ji Soo), agreed to switch places for a week, completely unaware that doing so would change both of their lives forever.  After that one magical week, Da Eun returned to her ordinary life and Byul returned to hers. Though the past year has gone by well enough for them both, fate decides it’s time to bring them together once again. When Byul walks back into Da Eun’s life asking to switch places one more time, Da Eun finds the offer to be one she can’t refuse. Stepping into the role of Byul once more, Da Eun returns to the glittering world of idols while Byul returns to the hectic life of an ordinary girl.  With one very special week before them, Dan Eun and Byul are eager to step into their temporary lives. Will the days spent in each other’s shoes go as smoothly as they had planned, or will this second swap prove to be a disaster? A lighthearted sequel to the beloved web drama, “One Fine Week”, “One Fine Week 2” is a 2020 romantic comedy directed by Kim Dong Hee.