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Do Jun Woo (​​Namgoong Min), the leader of the special task forces at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Academy, ends up embroiled in the mystery surrounding a village named “White Night”. People related to White Night are being killed and these murders are somehow related to the tragic string of events that were never solved in that very same village 28 years ago. Officer Gong Hye Won (Seolhyun) and Jamie (Lee Chung Ah), an FBI agent on loan, partner with him as he investigates this series of uncanny events.   Personalities clash and working together is not as easy as it may seem. Known for his excellent detective work, Jun Woo is revered among his peers as a legend. His unruly appearance belies a highly sophisticated mind. Hot-headed officer Hye Won has her own manner of doing things and refuses to let anything stand in the way of solving this mystery. This time, the cries for help from White Night’s unfortunate villagers will not be ignored.   The present and the past collide as secrets are unveiled and the mystery of what happened almost three decades ago comes to light.   A story of mysteries and unexpected love, “Awaken” is a 2020 romantic crime drama directed by Jo Soo Won. With a solid performance delivered by the main cast and supporting actors, Day and Night is filled with plot twists that will keep you at the edge of your seat.