The Silent Criminal



Dastardly thieves hatch a murderous plan in a quiet, sleepy town. They plot to seize a box containing a powerful weapon that has the potential to bestow its bearer with devastating powers. But when they finally get their hands on the precious box, it proves to be empty, and they are mysteriously executed. Long Yao (Wen Sheng) is high-born royalty – but he is also a fearsome warrior, a skilled martial artist, and a tireless believer in justice. He decides to embark on an undercover mission to find out what has happened to the weapon, and the thieves who tried to seize it. His quest leads him to cross paths with Shi Jing Yao (Li Jia Ming), a lowly town investigator. At first, Long Yao suspects Shi Jing Yao of having a role in the killings…but soon realizes that he is innocent, and could actually become a very powerful ally indeed. Also on the hunt for their own forms of justice are Li Huang Wu (Lan Xin), a fierce, self-styled warrior queen who has turned outlaw on a mission to avenge the death of her father – and Zhao Ge (Yu Nai Jia), an ambitious woman who wields fearsome magical powers. “The Silent Criminal” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Dong Cai Yu.