Ugly Beauty

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Xiao Mu (Zheng He Hui Zi) is a warm and kind-hearted delivery worker for a takeaway food firm. Her identical twin sister, the opportunistic and brash Yao Meng Gui (also played by Zheng He Hui Zi), is her polar opposite – but has risen to the top of the entertainment industry, winning fame and the hearts of many fans. But when a sudden accident forces Yao Meng Gui to lay low, she decides to ask Xiao Mu for a favor that only an identical twin could pull off: pretend to be her. Xiao Mu agrees, even though she finds it very awkward to adjust to a life of fame and fortune. Things get even more complicated when a sharp-witted entertainment reporter named Ji Chen Mo (Huang Sheng Chi) begins to sense something is amiss. He poses as a member of Yao Meng Gui’s management team, hoping to discover who this person posing as the famous actress really is and publish the scoop of the century. But as he gets to know Xiao Mu, he starts to develop feelings for her, leading him to wonder whether he really will reveal her secret to the world. And yet more chaos threatens to break loose when Yao Meng Gui returns to reclaim what she believes is her rightful place in the limelight… “Ugly Beauty” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Shen Qin Yuan.