Qing Luo

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Seven years ago, Yu Qing Luo (Wang Zi Wei) was abandoned by the man she loved. Pregnant and utterly alone, Qing Luo had no choice but to find a way to move on as best as she could. With an unprecedented medical knowledge and a particularly unorthodox set of skills, Qing Luo found a way to support herself and her son, Nan Nan (Zhang Zi Han). Now a renowned physician, known far and wide as the “ghost doctor”, Qing Luo finds herself in a place where she can finally begin her long-awaited plan for revenge. With Nan Nan at her side, Qing Luo sets out on a journey to find the father of her son. Along the way, she comes across a man named Ye Xiu Du (Liu Xue Yi). Prince of the Feng Cang Kingdom, Xiu Du bears an uncanny resemblance to Nan Nan’s father, Yang Xiu Cheng (Liu Xue Yi). Disgusted by the resemblance to such a traitorous man, Qing Luo wants nothing to do with Xiu Du, but his genuine care and concern for Qing Luo and her son eventually win her over. Slowly opening up to Xiu Du, Qing Luo comes to accept the prince’s affections but before things can progress much further, the “ghost doctor” finds herself caught up in a variety of conflicts that threaten not only her safety, but the safety of those around her. With the opposition closing in, Qing Luo willingly accepts Xiu Du’s help. Working together, they’re strong enough to take down any foe; but what will become of them once the conflict has passed? Will Qing Luo accept Xiu Du’s love, or will her quest for revenge ultimately drive them apart? Adapted from the novel, “Keng Die Er Zi Gui Yi Niang Qin” by Sensen, “Qing Luo” is a 2021 historical romantic comedy drama directed by David Liu.