Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling

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A spunky young woman, doing her best to make her dreams come true, Gu An Xin (Zhao Lu Si) never expected her life to be anything other than ordinary. Working as a delivery-woman, An Xin spent her days zipping around the city, completely unaware that her life was about to take an unusual turn. But turn it did, the day she ran, quite literally, into a man by the name of Ling Yue (Liu Te). The heir of a major corporation, Ling Yue was poised to take over the family business, until an unfortunate accident nearly cost him his life. Severely injured and left for dead, things for Ling Yue couldn’t get much worse. Or so he thought. Dragging himself onto the road, in search of help, Ling Yue ran directly into An Xin, or rather she ran into him. Terrified of what she’d just done, An Xin rushed Ling Yue to the hospital, only to find that not only was he badly injured, but also suffering from a case of amnesia. Unable to leave a memory-less Ling Yue stranded, An Xin invites him into her home, promising to do her best to nurse him back to health. Polar opposites, An Xing and Ling Yue find living together to be difficult, at best; but time and patience brings about an unexpected change. Drawing ever closer, the two realize their feelings for each other have taken an unexpected turn, at least until Ling Yue’s memories return. Remembering who he is, will Ling Yue and An Xin really be able to find a way to live happily ever after? Adapted from the web novel, “I Accidentally Picked Up a President” by Chun Feng Yi Du, “Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling” is a 2021 romantic comedy drama directed by Zhong Qing.