Ni Chang

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Xie Xiao Ni (Li Jia Qi) is the daughter of a successful silk merchant. Her family has built up a wide and lucrative business empire, and Xie Xiao Ni has vowed to follow in their footsteps, becoming a successful businesswoman in her own right. But a bitter rivalry with the Su family turns nasty when the latter conspires to frame the Xie for a crime they did not commit. The Xie family falls victim to the dastardly plot, but Xie Xiao Ni escapes capture and harm. Away from the clutches of the Su, she resolves to restore her family name and make her cherished business dreams come true. She pretends to be a lowly clothworker and finds a job at the powerful Jiang Nan Yun Jin family home, where she resolves to learn embroidery under the pseudonym Ni Chang. While she is honing her skills, she meets that dashing and kind Ou Yang Zi Yu (Bi Wen Jun). But will he come to her aid when the Su clan discovers who she really is – and moves to rid itself of the Xie family once and for all? “Ni Chang” is a 2021 Chinese period drama series that was directed by Cha Chuen Yee and Ding Ying Zhou.