A River Runs Through It

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Transferring to a new school right before the national college entrance exams was not part of Xia Xiao Ju’s (Hu Yi Xuan) plan. But when life demanded that she do exactly that, the only thing she could do was try to make the best of it. Feeling completely flustered in her new surroundings, settling in was difficult at best; but when a misunderstanding brings an unexpected group of classmates into her life, things for Xiao Ju finally start to look up. Now surrounded by a group of friends, including the compassionate Cheng Lang (Chen Bo Hao), the straightforward Lu Shi Yi (Wang Rui Chang), the frequently dazed Qiu Yue Tao (Jiang Zhuo Jun), and her new best friend Lin You (Qi Yan Di), Xiao Ju feels ready to take on whatever life throws at her next. Tackling the college entrance exams with her friends at her side, Xiao Ju is certain she can take on anything. But after starting university, Xiao Jun’s confidence is put to the ultimate test when she realizes that the boy she loves only has eyes for Lin You.  Struggling to make sense of the complicated world of love and friendship, Xiao Ju relies heavily on the strength and support of Shi Yi. Little does she realize that Shi Yi has developed rather strong feelings for her. Will her longing for another keep her blind to the love before her or will Shi Yi’s patience pay off in the end? A sweet coming-of-age story, “A River Runs Through It” is a 2021 romantic youth drama directed by Sha Wei Qi.