Handsome Stewardess

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Working as a bartender in Taipei, Holly (Suan Wang) enjoys having the chance to chat with people from around the world. Seeing this to be one of the perks of her job, Holly truly enjoys what she does. Always looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends, Holly enjoys the mystery that comes with wondering who might walk through her door next. Even so, nothing could have prepared her for the day Meng Lian (Huang Pei Jia) walked into her life.  Having just wrapped up an international karate competition, Singaporean national karate champion, Meng Lian and her teammates decided to spend their last night celebrating at Holly’s bar. Instantly smitten by Meng Lian, Holly finds herself falling hard for this lovely stranger. As fate would have it, Meng Lian returns Holly’s affections but the distance between them makes maintaining their relationship difficult. To save money on flights and make meetings more frequent, Holly decides to give up bartending to become a flight attendant. Her specs make her a shoe-in for the job, but conforming to the obnoxiously gender biased look makes life as a flight attendant rather difficult. Luckily her friend Jerry is there to help. With a good friend by her side, Holly begins to settle into her new job, though she has to admit it isn’t easy. Meanwhile, Meng Lian struggles to find a way to come out to her parents. Empowered by the love they share, will Holly and Meng Lian find a way to overcome the obstacles standing between them? An adorable story of boundless love, “Handsome Stewardess” is a 2019 romantic comedy drama directed by Zero Chou.