Dear M
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Campus life at Seoyeon University has always been relatively peaceful, but when an anonymous post pops up on the school’s online community, the entire campus is flipped upside down. Posted by a mysterious individual, known only as “M”, the entire school is abuzz with curiosity and excitement. Determined to uncover the identity of the mysterious “M”, students all across the campus set out to uncover the truth. But the task will prove to be anything but easy. Second year student in the Business Administration Department, Ma Joo A (Park Hye Soo), has taken a keen interest in uncovering the identity of “M”. While she has no interest in pursuing either her own dreams, nor any sort of romantic relationship, she does have a strong desire to solve the school’s current mystery. Alongside her is Cha Min Ho (Jaehyun (NCT)), a second year student in the Computer Science Department, and Joo A’s oldest friend. Together with Economics major, Seo Ji Min (Noh Jung Ui), and Business Administration major, Park Ha Neul (Bae Hyeon Seong), the four are determined to discover “M”’s true identity and bring an end to this mystery, once and for all. As their journey towards the truth progresses, the four friends find themselves in an ever-changing tangle of morphing relationships and budding romances. With emotions high and hearts aflutter, uncovering the identity of “M” has never been more complicated. Will the friends be able to solve this mystery or will “M”’s true identity remain hidden forever? Based on the web series, “Love Playlist”, “Dear.M” is a 2021 mystery romance drama directed by Park Jin Woo and Seo Joo Wan.