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A group of high schoolers goes on a musical adventure as they edge toward the end of their schooldays – forming a band. But not long after they have begun, a new journey gets underway: romance. And it is a force that threatens to sow the seeds of disharmony in the band. The band’s lead singer is Yoo Ha Young (Mi Yeon), whose YouTube cover version of a popular song became a viral online hit. However, she wants to become a singer in her own right – someone who is known for performing original material, rather than covers. But it looks like the group’s guitarist, Yoo Ha Young’s close friend Lee Ji Hoon (Hwi Young), is developing feelings for her – as is Gong Chan Young (Kim Min Chul), an older keyboard player who also joins the band. Meanwhile, there are also sparks flying between bassist and Yoo Ha Young’s best friend Lim Seo Eun (Choi Ji Su) and the band’s eclectic drummer and academic no-hoper Shim Tae Young (Marco). “Replay” is a 2021 South Korean drama series that was directed by Go Hee Seob.