My Secret Star

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Riding high atop the Hallyu wave, “Jin” is a name everyone knows. With endorsements galore and offers pouring in, Jin (Sung Hoon) has reached a level of stardom that most people can only dream about. Well aware that living with this level of fame means constantly being in the public eye, Jin does everything he can to keep his fans happy. Smiling for cameras, meeting fans, it’s all part of the job and Jin does it well. There’s just one small problem. Jin has an unusual secret. A secret that, if exposed to the world, could ruin his career forever. Unable to tell the world about his unusual plight, Jin has no choice but to lie to his fans. Though it pains him to do so, Jin knows that his lies are the only way to keep his secret safe. While his fans are easily appeased by the lies, Chi Mai (Hoang Yen Chibi) is not. A hard-nosed celebrity reporter with a penchant for landing the biggest scoops, Chi Mai will stop at nothing to get a story. Convinced something with Jin just isn’t right, Chi Mai sets out to uncover the truth but what she finds changes everything. Shocked by the secret Jin has tried so hard to keep hidden, Chi Mai isn’t sure what to do with the truth. The deeper Chi Mai digs, the more empathetic she feels for Jin and his unusual plight. As her heart softens and his begins to heal, Chi Mai must ask herself which is more important, reporting the truth or protecting it? A cute love story with an unusual twist, “My Secret Star” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Yoo Young Shin.