Be Together

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Four female friends and former classmates – Xia Yan (Sun Yi), Zhao Xiao Lei (Du Yu Chen), Xiang Nan (Zhang Wen), and Han Shuang (Ma Li) – have formed a bond that could last a lifetime. But as they approach the end of their twenties, they all find themselves facing up to a range of very different challenges. Xia Yan is a project manager at an IT firm named SG Organization, struggling to deal with her handsome and brilliant – but also love-wary and demanding – boss, the company’s chief technology officer Xu Cheng Yi (Zhang Bin Bin). Xia Yan has also endured a series of unhappy relationships, and has thrown herself into her work, where she dreams of creating a life-changing app. But could her love life also benefit from a change? Meanwhile, her friend Zhao Xiao Lei is feeling decidedly down-in-the-dumps after being jilted by her fiance on the eve of their wedding. Meanwhile, Xiang Nan is a successful doctor who has trouble expressing her feelings – until a fateful accident gives her a new perspective on life. And Han Shuang, a woman from a well-to-do family, is stuck in a rut. She decides to give her life a fresh start by taking on a junior role at a furniture outlet – but could love be in store for her, too? “Be Together” is a 2021 Chinese drama that was directed by Cui Liang.