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You Make Me Dance

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Song Shi On (Chu Young Woo) is a 22-year-old university student who is majoring in contemporary dance. His family disapproves of his lifestyle choices and career ambitions – and after a major row, he has been thrown out of the family home. He resolves to pursue his dreams, no matter what. And the decision leads him to share a rooftop apartment with Jin Hong Seok (Won Hyung Hoon). The latter is a 28-year-old debt collector for the lending firm Chachacha Capital, working for the beautiful but money-motivated CEO Cha (Lee Soo Ryeon) – a woman who also appears to have a crush on him. Jin Hong Seok has given up on his dreams to pursue a lucrative but unfulfilling career. But spending time with Song Shi On changes his perspective on life, and the duo forms a close bond that eventually turns romantic. But social pressures – as well as the affections of CEO Cha and senior student Jung Hoon (LEX) – threaten to derail their fledgling love story… “You Make Me Dance” is a 2021 South Korean Viki Original drama series that was directed by So Joon Moon.