Pet And I: An unexpected journey

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Popular actor Park Si Hoo, Super Junior star Kim Hee Chul, and rising-star comedienne Kim Ji Min join forces for a travel extravaganza like no other – because they won’t be alone on their journey: cuddle-loving dogs will be accompanying them on their journey! Together with their four-legged friends, the celebrity trio travels the length and breadth of South Korea, and even ventures overseas in search of doggy secrets – as we get to know a little more about these cheerful canines and their fun-loving owners. Park Si Hoo returns to his hometown for a camping trip along with his buddies – and their popular pooches, with a trip to the Great Outdoors in Canada also in the cards. Kim Mi Jin, meanwhile, has her sights set on a trip to Mexico, and the state that gave its name to the chihuahua dog breed. She won’t be alone either: Her two chihuahuas are coming along for the ride, too! “Pet And I: An Unexpected Journey” is a 2019 South Korean variety TV show whose chief producer was Shin Jung Ho.