Danger-Less Detectives

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In a city riddled with crime, the Azabu Central Station of the Metropolitan Police Department shines as a beacon of hope, truth, and justice. Dedicated to protecting the people from those who would do them harm, the officers of the Metropolitan Police willingly put their lives on the line. Day in and day out, these good people give their all to make the world a better place. Well… most of them do anyway. Less than thrilled with the idea of putting himself in harm’s way, Detective Shin Takano (Nobuyuki Suzuki) is more interested in securing his next promotion, than securing the safety of the people. A professional suck up, with a penchant for office politics, Detective Takano is a whiz at working his way to the top without actually doing any work. Right beside him is Wataru Yonaka (Hayato Sano), a young detective who absolutely despises the gritty work required as a police detective. With thoughts of a new career ever on his mind, Detective Yonaka dreams of starting over, but his investigative prowess and incredible reasoning skills are perfectly suited to the role of detective. Despite their determination to stay as far away from danger as possible, both detectives find themselves constantly involved in dangerous criminal cases. Can a pair of passive detectives actually find a way to save the day? A police drama with an unusual twist, “Danger-Less Detectives” is a 2020 comedy crime drama directed by Mitsunobu Yokobori.