In-House Marriage Honey

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Miura Manatsu (Mizuki Itagaki) is a young office worker who finds himself in a quandary: His mother is suffering from ill-health, and he believes that getting married will be a good way to bring some cheer to her – and help her recovery. The only problem is he doesn’t have a girlfriend. So he downloads a dating app and starts looking for potential partners. Another of the app’s users is Haruta Ami (Matsui Airi), a woman who has been struggling to get over her ex, and has resolved to dive headlong into a new relationship in order to forget her former flame. The two meet online and decide to get married in a hastily arranged ceremony, barely knowing anything about one another. But there’s a hitch: Little did they know, but they are actually workmates. And as they neglected to tell their co-workers that they were getting married, their relationship becomes an awkward secret. Little by little, they get to know each other – and start to discover that despite the unconventional nature of their marriage, true love might not be completely out of reach after all… This drama was based on a hit manga series by Fujiwara Emi that debuted in February 2018. “In-House Marriage Honey” is a 2020 Japanese drama series that was directed by Ryo Morita, Ryohei Shinmiya, and Daisuke Honda.