Must You Go?

Will You Leave?
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Min Yoo Jung (Park Jung Yeon) is a 25-year-old woman who dreams of becoming a successful pop musician. But her musical dreams are a long way from coming true – and she spends her evenings busking on the streets. Life takes a turn for the weird when Park Yeon (Chani), a talented musician from the past is transported from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) to the present day, where he meets Min Yoo Jung and indicates he is ready to help her on her musical quest. However, he is not the only time-traveling visitor to drop in on her: A gifted vocalist by the name of Lee Won (Lee Seung Hyub) also travels from the distant past and makes her acquaintance. And things get even more complicated when Jung Do Young (Ji An) – an entertainment industry professional – uses her own powers to connect with the past to learn of Park Yeon’s secrets… This drama was based on a web-based cartoon (webtoon) written by Park Sun Jae and Ra Hee. “Must You Go?” is a 2021 drama series that was directed by Lim Jae Kyung.