Word of Honor

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As leader of an elite unit, tasked with protecting the imperial family, Zhou Zi Shu (Zhang Zhe Han) was not a man to be taken lightly. A man of great honor, who commanded much respect, he served the royal family with the utmost loyalty and was rewarded accordingly. However charmed his life may have seemed on the outside, in reality, it was not the life Zi Shu desired. Unsettled within himself, Zi Shu ultimately decides to leave his position in order to pursue his own dreams.  Putting the past behind him, Zi Shu is determined to start anew but even the best laid plans can be waylaid by fate. Not long after setting off to see the world, Zi Shu finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that rocks the martial arts world. At the same time, he meets Wen Ke Xing (Gong Jun), a mysterious martial artist from the Ghost Valley, who is on a quest to avenge his parents’ death. Brought together by fate, the two become fast friends as they share a series of adventures that leads them ever closer to a legendary treasure that is rumored to give its owner ultimate power over the martial arts world. Entangled in conspiracies and hunting treasure, Zi Shu and Ke Xing find themselves caught up in an adventure so epic, it could alter the course of history forever. Adapted from the novel, “Faraway Wanders” by Priest, “Word of Honor” is a 2021 adventure fantasy drama directed by Gary Sing and Jones Ma.