One Page Love

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Minase Akari (Hashimoto Kanna), aged 17, takes a family holiday on the island of Kyushu. Her family stays in a guesthouse, whose owner’s son Morita Ikumi (Mizuki Itagaki), falls for her. The two spend time together and eventually develop a close romantic bond. One fateful night, they sit together and watch a meteor shower – an event that takes place above the Kyushu skies just once every four years. Knowing they will soon be parted, the duo promises to reunite at the same spot, underneath the same meteor shower in four years’ time. Now in her early 20s, Minase Akari returns to keep her promise. But there is no sign of Morita Ikumi. She is distraught, but while she is feeling sorry for herself, a budding young photographer named Hoshino Aritoshi (Yuki Furukawa) turns up with a camera, ready to capture the rare celestial event. The two get talking and he starts to develop a crush on Minase Akari. Quite unlike the shy and sensitive Morita Ikumi, Hoshino Aritoshi is flamboyant, extravert, and something of a playboy. However, the path to true love turns out to be complex for Minase Akari – especially after fate reunites her with Morita Ikumi, and she discovers that a close male platonic friend also has feelings for her... “One Page Love” is a 2019 Japanese drama series that was directed by Keita Motohashi.