Dark Hole

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Working as a member of the regional investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Detective Lee Hwa Sun’s (Kim Ok Bin) life has never been easy. A widow, whose husband was brutally murdered, Hwa Sun has dedicated her life to helping others, despite the fact that the mystery behind her own husband's death remains unsolved. Trying her best to move forward, Hwa Sun’s life is turned upside down the day she receives a phone call from her husband’s killer. Following the murderer’s lead, Hwa Sun travels to Mujishi in search of answers but what she finds is a scene beyond all human comprehension. Situated on the edge of a deep sinkhole, the entire city is permeated with a mysterious dark smoke which rises from its inky depths. Worse than the eerie vapor are the effects this smoke seems to be having on the city’s residents. No longer human, the citizens of Mujishi have mutated into living nightmares. Teaming up with Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk), a former detective and Mujishi native, Hwa Sun must find a way to save the city and catch her husband’s killer before it’s too late. Against impossible odds, Hwa Sun and Tae Han prepare to take on a city overrun by monsters in a quest for answers that could very well cost them their lives. Are they up to the challenge or will they succumb to the mysterious power of the dark hole? A chilling mystery from start to finish, “Dark Hole” is a 2021 sci-fi action thriller drama directed by Kim Bong Joo.