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Lee Ma Ha (Jeong Ji So) dreams of K-pop success. She is a member of the all-female group Tea Party, but the act enjoys very little in the way of success, regardless of how much effort she and her groupmates put in. Her only claim to fame is the fact that she looks like a slightly younger version of the chart-topping solo singer La Ri Ma (Park Ji Yeon), a fact that the entertainment industry media is often very keen to point out. Tea Party takes part in a reality TV show that pits K-pop groups against one another in tests of sporting prowess. But during the filming, Lee Ma Ha accidentally causes an injury to a member of the hit all-male group Shax. One of the Shax members, Kwon Ryok (Lee Jun Young) takes a deep dislike to her, blaming her for the accident and irritated by why he feels is a crass attempt to mimic La Ri Ma. But, as fate would have it, their paths cross again all too soon – as they are both selected to appear in a new drama series. Kwon Ryok appears determined to settle the score – but another K-pop star, Lee Ma Ha’s childhood friend Lee Yu Jin (Jeong Yun Ho) resolves to protect her. “Imitation” is a 2021 Viki Original South Korean drama series – adapted from a popular web-based comic by Park Kyung Ran – that was directed by Han Hyun Hee.