In Time With You (TH)

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Head of the sales department at a high-profile shoe company, Pim (Monchanok Saengchaipiangpen) is a savvy and successful businesswoman who, at thirty, has achieved what many others will only ever achieve in their dreams. With a successful career and a healthy work/life balance, Pim has everything a person could want; yet, that still doesn’t seem to be enough for her well-meaning parents. Believing Pim is the perfect age for marriage, her parents are constantly pushing her to find someone nice and settle down. The problem is, Pim just isn’t interested, especially not when friends and family alike keep pushing her towards her best friend, Pon (Arak Amornsupasiri). Friends for as long as either can remember, Pon has been the one person who has always been there for Pim, and she for him. A constant in each other’s lives, Pim can’t imagine life without Pon but, despite everything, she just can’t see him as anything other than a friend. With family pressure rising, Pim and Pon make a bet to find their soulmate within a year. Determined to find someone who will sweep her off her feet, Pim sets out to do just that but all of her relationships end in failure. Meanwhile, Pon, who has secretly harbored a crush on Pim for years, is tired of watching her notice every man around her but him. Fed up, Pon moves to another city, leaving Pim to figure things out for herself. Further apart than they have ever been, Pim begins to realize that life without Pon just isn’t the same. But is his absence enough to stir some deep, overlooked feelings hiding deep within, or are Pim and Pon destined to remain nothing more than friends, forever? A remake of the award-winning Taiwanese drama of the same name, “In Time With You” is a 2020 romantic drama produced by Artop Media.