Miss the Dragon

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As a humble maidservant, Liu Ying (Zhu Xu Dan) never expected her life to be anything other than ordinary. Content with the world and her place in it, she spent her days attending to the beautiful Xia Hou Xue (Yang Zhi Ying), never expecting that an act as simple as rescuing a snake would change her life forever. Oddly enough, that’s exactly what happened. Coming across a snake purely by accident, Liu Ying saved the poor creature from harm, only to learn that it wasn’t a snake at all but rather a thousand year old dragon king by the name of Yu Chi Long Yan (Dylan Wang). Eternally grateful to Liu Ying for saving his life, Yu Chi Long Yan wishes to repay her kindness by marrying her but instead of agreeing, Liu Ying asks him to rescue Xia Hou Xue from the clutches of a wolf demon, and to protect her for three lifetimes. Unable to deny such a request, Yu Chi Long Yan agrees to do so, all the while staying quietly by Liu Ying’s side. Now in her fourth lifetime, Liu Ying’s reincarnated spirit, Gu Qing Yan, slowly becomes aware of Yu Chi Long Yan’s existence and begins to recognize his presence in not just this life, but her past lives as well. After waiting three lifetimes to be reunited with his love, will Yu Chi Long Yan and Liu Ying finally have the chance to live happily ever after? Adapted from the game of the same name, by Cheng Guang Games, “Miss the Dragon” is a 2021 fantasy romance drama directed by Min Guo Hui.