The Imperial Coroner

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In late-Tang Dynasty China, Chu Chu (Su Xiao Tong) is a young woman from a long line of coroners. She dreams of becoming the most prominent coroner in the land – by winning an appointment to the Imperial Palace. But she knows that in order to do so, she must first travel to Chang’an, the Tang capital, to pass an exam and prove her worth. While in the capital, she meets Xiao Jin Yu (Wang Zi Qi), an imperial prince and a budding sleuth. The two young people realize they can be an asset to one another: Chu Chu’s quick wits can help Xiao Jin Yu solve a number of tricky cases, while she can hope to raise her profile by solving the mysteries they tackle together. When they join forces to get to the bottom of a two-decade-old secret, they realize that solving the case could help them both fulfill their dreams. But their investigations lead them to suspect that there may be untold secrets pertaining to Xiao Jin Yu’s family, while high-ranking civil servants hatch devious schemes – and the duo starts to wonder if their partnership could eventually take a romantic turn… “The Imperial Coroner” is a 2021 drama series that was based on a novel by Qing Xian Ya Tou and directed by Lou Jian.