PIPLE: My Married Life with an AI

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In the year 2030, life continues very much like it does now. People still follow the same routines, find the same pleasures, enjoy the same thrills, they even fall in and out of love the same way they always have. But with the advancement of AI technology, the definition of relationships and marriage have taken on a much broader scope. So when businessman Kenichi Tsumiki’s (Yuki Kaji) long-time crush ends in bitter disappointment, no one thinks twice about him bringing home an AI bride. Convinced his pretty new AI wife, which he names Piple (Ayaka Wilson), will fill the void left by a lifetime of loneliness, Kenichi couldn’t be more happy with his purchase. However, when Piple refuses his wedding night advances, all of Kenichi’s dreams of marital bliss are shattered. Utterly disappointed in Piple, Kenichi brings his new bride straight to her developer, a cold-hearted researcher by the name of Kaede Miyama (Sakurako Ohara), in hopes that she’ll be able to set things right. It doesn’t take long for Kaede to uncover the problem, unfortunately for Kenichi, the mistakes he made in Piple’s initial setup are irreversible. With a bride who refuses his affection and a researcher who couldn’t care less, Kenichi has no choice but to accept his fate. Bringing Piple home, they soon settle into their new domestic life. But Kenichi wonders, will he ever find a relationship that brings him the satisfaction and fulfillment he longs for? Adapted from the novel “Pipuru” by Mariru Harada, “PIPLE: My Married Life with an AI” is a 2021 romantic comedy drama directed by Mai Sakai and Yusuke Taki.